Price: $30.00

A performer removes a deck of cards from its case.
The magician spreads the cards face up between his hands asking the spectator to pick a card.
(No Force) The performer turns his head away during the selection. 
The performer then asks the spectator to sign his/her name across the selected card.
With the performers head still turned away, the selected card is returned to the face up deck.
The performer explains that it would be easy to find his/her card by just looking for a card with his/her signature on it.
The performer explains that he has invented a deck that will find the selected card automatically. 
The performer turns the deck over. 
A light switch is seen on the back of the deck.
The switch is turned on. 
A single card shoots out of the deck! 
The card is turned over. 
It is the selected signed card! 
This a guaranteed laugh getter. 
Quick reset, no skill required. 
Each unit is hand crafted and tested by me.

Supplied with VERY SPECIAL Bicycle deck, Gimmicks, and easy to follow instructions.

A Real Turn on by Bob Solari