A spectator (you are not limited as to how many you use) is asked to select a card from a deck of 52. The card is returned to the deck and the cards mixed. Now, your psychic duck, Clairvolina is introduced. She will locate the hidden card and she will do this without asking any questions. The duck begins removing cards from the deck by pecking them out of the holder at the end of her perch. No, not that one, not that one either. Ah, here it is.... Clairvolina has selected a card, which she now holds in her beak. The spectator names his card, and lo and behold, this is the exact card selected by your psychic duck! The effect may be repeated, and this time, you cover her eyes with a blindfold (use a small silk hank), yet she is still able to locate the selected card! This is a great item for kids and adults. The presentations possible are only limited by your imagination. Alphabet cards, picture cards, baseball cards, etc. can be used. Comes complete with Bicycle cards, hat and complete instructions.

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Claivoyant Card Duck-Viking -
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