2 original effects released by Steve Dusheck at the same time. The two flow together naturally. Everything you need

including Steve's original routines and diagrams are included. No need to add or buy anything else to perform these two

fabulous effects.

The effect Concentric, the performer introduces an oversize Penny, which visually changes to a regular size penny and then

into a 1/4" size miniature penny. After these phases Eccentric comes into play, the final transition to a miniature penny when

performing Concentric is show and again changes back to a regular size penny and then changes into a dime.

Everything you you need is included. Again, there is nothing to add or buy to perform these two Dusheck miracles.

Concentric and Eccentric are numbers #3 & #4 in the Dusheck Line of Legacy Magic.

Price: $38.00

Steve Dusheck's Concentric and Eccentric by Airship Magic

2 Great Original Steve Dusheck Effects 1 Low Price