This is a demonstration of mindreading. A mentalist asks an audience member to think of a number on a die as depicted. The mindreader turns his back to the volunteer and has him place the die with his thought of number uppermost in a square hole, slightly larger than the size of this die, in the center of a beautiful wooden card case which contains playing cards from ace through six of one suit. The chooser of the number than picks up the die and holds it in a tight fist. Next, the menalist turns to face the volunteer and removes the playing cards from this case, displaying them to be numbered ace through six. After a bit of concentration, the mindreader removes a card and turns it face up and it amazingly is the thought of number. There is absolutely no force and the efffect can be instantly repeated before the same audience; therefore, it is an instant reset. The method is ingenious, based upon a John Cornelius idea. This is also a super rare item and extermely difficult to find!


Die-Lemma by Steve Dusheck - Discontinued