Several face up cards are shown and a magician claims that a person will chose a card with "The" smiley Emoji on its back. A card is chosen and the conjuror shows that all the cards have a small Emoji on their backs. However, the chosen card proves to be "THE" EMOJI because its back has a giant Emoji on it.

The magician allows another person to choose a card claiming a large EMOJI will appear on on its back as well. The second chosen card is placed face up next to the first choice. However, the small Emoji appears not to have changed on the second card. The magician says "I may have gotten myself into a mess by trying to do this with a second card." Suddenly, the magician decides to turn the first card over and its face has now changed to match the face of the second chosen card! It is a surprise ending for everyone. The performer concludes, "I guess, sometimes you should not mess with someone else's Emoji.

Price: $10.00

Emojical by Ron Frost