EM Pocket Charger by Mark Allen - a few left
"Mark Allen`s Pocket Charger is the perfect secret accessory for Pen-omenon and other effects of its ilk. It removes absolutely all of the guesswork, and, in fact, greatly adds to its power. Bravo, Mark!" - David Regal 

Just one of the effects possible with the EMPC: A spectator secretly chooses any hour of the day and the magician draws a clock face on a piece of paper or table napkin. He then produces six coins and places them into a stack in the center of the clock. A straw is placed on top of the coins, acting as the hand of the clock and the magician causes the straw to mysteriously spin, stopping when it points right at the spectator`s chosen hour!Simple to Use "Charge" a Wide Variety of Objects

Price: $24.95