Force 4-by Wayne Rogers- Out of Stock

A mentalist opens a simple black vinyl folder and shows four envelopes. As he passes along a line of 4 spectators, each one chooses an envelope The spectators have an absolutely free choice of any envelope showing on the folder. Does this sound fair to you-sleight of hand proofing the effect? Then you will be pleased to know that every choice is under the performer's control. FORCE 4 does exactly what the name suggests... it allows you to force 4 envelopes or folded papers in a very fair manner. Originally designed for Wayne's own chair test "Signs of Chaos". FORCE 4 can be used in many types of performances. Comes with a dvd with extra routines and a pdf file with more effects. Serious mentalists and magicians in general will find a use for FORCE 4 in their act. Although Romhany's routine is not included, you get a good idea of what is involved. This price is much less than the $450.00 for Paul Romhany's Chair Test!

Price: $175.00