This is a take off of Wayne's original Force 4. In this version you can perform Force 4 effects in a close-up situation. You use our own business cards, which can be handed out and you can do a bank nite routine. There are several routines included on a PDF file and Wayne teaches the basic handling of it on a data DVD. Force 4 is easy to use and looks like a normal business card wallet. A couple of children's effects are included. Click here for the original Force 4 effect with a performance by Paul Romhany of his Chair Test.

The Mentalist opens a simple black vinyl business card folder and shows four face down cards.

As he passes along a line of 4 spectators, each one chooses a card.

As in the full size FORCE 4 each choice the spectators make is under your control.

FORCE 4 mini 
A business card folder is used to distribute facedown cards. Four spectators each chose a card.
They have a free choice of any card in front of them, but every choice is under your control.

Detailed instructions included and 9 routines by Wayne Rogers and Jim kleefeld 
Supply your own business cards.


Straight from Wayne Rogers? current act.

Three spectators freely choose one of three novelty hats.  The performer gives a short humorous character reading based on the type of hat chosen. When the spectators choose a numbered envelope, the performer must take whatever envelope is left. The envelopes contain correct predictions of the exact hats and numbers chosen by the spectators.

The performer has no choice of hat or number. The envelope left over contains a special prize -


by Jim Kleefeld.

A combination padlock on a box secures a valuable prize. 12 numbered business cards are shown face down on the folder. Spectators are given the chance to take ANY four cards and see if their chosen number order will open the lock. But the number is wrong!

Another 4 cards are selected, and again the combination is wrong.

Now it?s the performers turn with the last 4 cards. However the performer does not choose for himself . . .  spectators choose the order of the final numbered cards for him. Ta-Dah! The cards are turned over, the lock opens and the performer claims his prize.

Seven other routines are fully detailed using a variety of items such as coloured toys, flags, ESP cards and geometric designs.

Each business card folder supplied is specially customised by Wayne Rogers. The DVD contains video instructions in several formats to play on your computer, plus a 27 page manuscript in PDF format.

Force 4 MINI does all the work so you the performer can concentrate on the presentation!


Price: $120.00

Force 4 (mini size) by Wayne Rogers