Ron Frost's Geometrick

Several blue backed cards are shown to be all the same, such as four of hearts. When they enter the Geometrick Zone strange things happen to them. One by one each card is placed on the table.

The first card turns itself face-up and has two small holes punched in it. The second now has a different colored back with a large circle cut out of the middle. The third's back is different yet with a large square hole punched out of it.

Before each change, the remaining cards are shown to be normal.

It continues. The next card has a different back with a star punched through it. The next has an oval shaped hole and its back has changed as well. The next card is now a totally see-thru, clear card.

Suddenly, the last three cards now have blank faces; however, almost immediately, they turn into a different card like the ten of spades.

As a final surprise, the face down cards on the table all turn into the ten of spades, but each ten has a unique facial look.

By the way, the first card that was placed on the table face up now has a giant smiley face on its back! There is more happening in this one trick than several tricks put together. Reading about it is one thing, but seeing it happen is what magic is all about.

Price: $10.00