Get Sharky-Christoph Borer

The "Hit" effect at both SAM and IBM conventions this year. Formally only sold in Europe it is now available in Phoenix backs- After the deck is shown to be well shuffled. the magician explains that he is going to present a miracle that was performed by a famous one-armed magician. To demonstrate he places his right hand in his pocket. With his left hand he holds up a deck of cards and instructs the spectator to peek at any card he likes. The spectator is immediately handed the deck. Without any suspicious moves the magician nonchalantly snaps his fingers. The spectator is now asked to go through the deck and find the chosen card. The spectator looks through the deck but the card has vanished! The magician slowly removes his right hand from his pocket and shows the selected card! The card can reappear anywhere the magician chooses. Easy to do and an instant reset for walk-around!

Price: $80.00