Aaron Smith's Double Pack of Ghosts

Reach deep into the thoughts and minds of even the most skeptical audience. Ask your spectator to think of any number, name, or shape and write your prediction on a pad of sticky notes. Your prediction is correct every time!

Mind reading looks like real magic, but requires a clever secret for 100% accuracy. In the past, that meant math magic, a Swami gimmick, or electronic device. Now, all you need are GHOSTS to predict the outcome of events, demonstrate telepathy, or read your spectator's mind.

• Empty hands! Nothing to hide.
• Works like a Swami without the Swami!
• Prediction keepsake makes amazing souvenir!
• These tricky notes look like sticky notes!

Double Pack of Ghosts by Aaron Smith—producer of Behold the Scarabaeus, Poor Boy Zip Tie Escape, Mental Marker Special FX Pen, the STAT Bloody Tongue Skewer, and the Old World Chains—are easy to use and fun to perform.

"Great idea for mentalists and magicians too! I like it." - Paul Gertner

"The power of a Swami without the gimmick!" - Gerald Kirchner

How do GHOSTS work? There is a bit of physics and biology at play with every performance. This incredible pad of paper, combined with a natural characteristic of the human body, delivers a powerful dose of magic.

A revolutionary new prop for mentalists, magicians, and anyone looking to impress their friends. Included are TWO PREDICTION PADS, one white and one canary yellow. Simple. Astonishing. The super-tricky sticky note!

Price: $ 35.00