Houdini's Rope by Jim Steimeyer-Discontinued

Jim Steinmeyer’s popular effect involves a hank of rope — supposedly an artifact from one of Houdini’s famous escapes. “Stretch the rope across the stage and have it examined by two spectators from the audience. The spectators hold the ends of the rope as a small upright stand is rolled to the center of the rope. Step up onto the stand, framed by the wooden uprights. Pause behind the taut rope, then cover the center of the rope with a square of cloth. Dramatically, you step forward, until the audience can see that you’ve passed completely through Houdini’s Rope Houdini’s Rope is not only a perfect “first illusion,” but an entertaining, mystifying routine for experienced illusionists. This is a beautiful, practical prop for magicians, finished in natural wood and mounted on casters. You’ll marvel at how efficiently it works. The stand breaks down for packing and is small enough to use on almost any platform or stage, but the effect is large enough to be seen by any audience. The effect comes with Jim Steinmeyer’s presentation from his book, Device and illusion.

Price: $995.00