This is one of those effects that punches them right between the eyes and it is a fooler. A magician spreads a deck of cards showing the faces and backs. Our wonderworker then removes two cards from the deck while the cards are facing him or her. Next, these cards are placed face down on a table. A spectator can even hold his or her hand on the two cards so they can't be switched. Then, the magi has two spectators select a card each and remember their cards. The deck of cards is shuffled and for the first time they announce their selections. The deck is spread face up as the magician spreads card by card, searching for the two cards. Guess what? They are gone from the deck. The card worker can even count the cards and there are only fifty cards in the deck! When the spectator holding the two cards face-down on the table from the beginning turns them over, they are the two cards the spectator just selected that vanished from the deck. You get full instructions, including Martini's handling which is easier than Bruno's handling and is also quite effective. With this effect, you will get two very special cards, that you just add to your own deck and you are ready to go. This is a fantastic effect for restaurant workers or any walk - a round situation. A table is not required. The best part is the price.

Only $6.50

Bruno Canaldi's Impossible