Marc Oberon latest gimmick has been a year in the making. Called Incarnation, it provides the ability to manifest thought and offers countless presentational possibilities for magicians and mentalists alike.

Instructional DVD included

Effect One

Imagine a single folded card is on display. The spectator is asked to think of any card, (no force) and when the value and suit of the card is named it is shown to be a perfect match.

Effect two

The spectator names any of 52 cards (no force) and imagines transmitting it through space where it appears before their very eyes.

Effect three

Spectator selects a card and images writing writing their birth sign across the face of the card. The imagined card materialises and is shown to have the correct birth sign on it.

Instructional DVD

There is a full instructional DVD included with the effect, so you will be able to see each step in detail


"Marc Oberon’s “Incarnation” offers not one, but two brilliantly gimmicked props that together, form a system to behold...This is one of the best products that I’ve seen so far this year."
Wayne Kawamoto, 4/6/2015 Full Review

PCTC Productions, Reviewer 4/29/2015 Full Review

"This really caught our attention!"
David Penn, Wizard Product Reviews 3/4/2015 Full Review

"video review."
Ekaterina, Reviewer 5/4/2015 Full Review

Incarnation by Marc Oberon