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Dreampad by Joao Miranda Magic

Appear 8 by Steve Rowe

Get Sharky by Christoph Borer

Get Sharky by
Christoph Borer

Available again

Ton Onoaka's Miracle Nimber

Ton Onosaka's Mind Camera

Paul Hallas Books

Oops Just Cards

Across the Void

The Best of Mindful Mentalism

Cardtoon 1

by Dan Harlan

Matrix 2.0 by
Mickael Chatelain
DreamAct by Shin Lim

Larry Lock by Mago Larry

Move Zero Dvd

Move Zero Download

Sealed 2.0 by Menny Lindenfeld

Two Cut Silks by Alberto Sitta

Locking Close-up Spirit Slates
/> "/>

Premise and Premonition by
Luke Jermay

Steam2.0 by Ali Nouira

Paradigm Shift by
Christoph Borer

by Astor

Amazebox by Mark Shortland

Daredevil Deck by HenryEvans




YES by Astor

Magic Squared by Andi Gladwin

Performing magic tricks well brings laughter and fun to a world which needs these. At Mel's Magic City, a true brick and mortar magic shop, you will find very rare and the most current tricks, magic books and dvd's on the web. We sell magic tricks for all situations of performance- the novice, intermediate level, and the consumate professional. If you like doing card magic just for friends or any other type of close-up magic (coin tricks for instance), you have come to the right place. It is fun to learn the most current effect to entertain your friends. Just think, if you learned a new piece of magic every week, you would know fifty-two new mysteries a year. This would undoubtedly make you a better prestidigitator! You can learn non-plussing effects, invented by some of the most ingenious creators in this field- Harlan Tarbel in The Tarbel Course in Magic and Ron Frost, to name a couple! Mentalism, bill tricks, and other close-up effects are in abundance in this store as well as some top of the line stage magic. Here there are magic effects for youth and adults. Please feel free to contact us, if you have any questions or comments. We have received some terrific feedback from our tremendous customers.

All non United States orders must contact us by e-mail first before paypalling order!
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Mel's Magic City's brick and mortar shop's hours are: Monday through Saturday from 11am-5pm.The address is 1927 Pittston Avenue Scranton, Pa. off I-81, Davis Street Exit. Phone at: 570-921-1187. Paul Mellan is proprietor.