"They were fooled in less time than it takes to pick a card.” 1982 the magic community was hit with Lethal Tender by Steve Dusheck Jr and it became such a commercial success that it was immediately copied and reproduced without permission.

Thankfully, Airship Magic Mfg. and the Dusheck estate have teamed up and are bringing you the ONLY licensed Lethal Tender being produced.

Every set has maintained the integrity and soul of Steve and his family. We value love over money and each set is made with nothing less.

The sets are completely upgraded to modern materials and no longer use the washer style “Chinese” coins. Until now, Lethal Tender as Steve performed it was only available at lectures.

We proudly and honorably will be including Steve’s handling’s (two of them!) that are exactly as he performed them.

A duplicate coin is available separately

A wallet is shown to contain a half dollar, a Chinese coin, and a playing card. A magician places a the half on an audience member's opended palm. THe wallet is placed on the spectator's other palm. The conjuror thjen removes the card and flicks it on the half. The half instananeously changes visibly to the Chinese coin. Next, the spectator opens the wallet and finds the half dollar in there! It is unquestionably one of the most magical coin transpostitons in existence. It is very easy to do with hardly any moves and it instantly repeatable-perfect for the strolling magician!

Price: $38.00

Steve Dusheck's Original Lethal Tender-Chinese Coin

Authorized by the Dusheck Estate