Andi Gladwin's highly acclaimed close-up and parlor masterpiece takes the classic Magic Square to new heights. Many performers close their show with the Magic Square and it's a worthy closer.
But imagine how much stronger it is with "Magic Squared":

You show a stack of cards with numbers and you use a selected number to perform the magic square WITH the number cards. Every row, column, and diagonal adds up to the chosen number. You then show dozens of combinations of numbers that add up to the chosen number.
Every other Magic Square routine ends there to great applause. But where other Magic Squares end, "Magic Squared" is just getting started. You turn the board upside down to show that the same cards now add up to a second randomly selected number, creating a unique, incredible performance piece that is, truly, hard to top. No memory -No mathematics- No sleight of hand.

Contains everything you need to perform this complete routine: specially designed number cards (printed be USPCC), special "clinging" material that allows cards to be displayed vertically without falling, and a DVD including full performance at The Magic Castle.*
*Provide your own board or frame (both are readily available in any department or craft store)
Price: $49.50

Magic Squared by Andi Gladwin