Martin's Miracles has been one of our most consistent sellers for over twenty-five years and the reason for that is simple: Cardiographic. On Page 67, Martin Lewis describes his now classic effect wherein a deck of cards is drawn on a large sketchpad and a drawing of a selected card rises up out of this cartoon. The drawing is torn out of the pad and handed to the spectator. During the past quarter century this trick has been presented by hundreds of top-flight magicians around the world.

Martin started out as the resident magician at San Francisco's famous Magic Cellar and then graduated to revue shows in Las Vegas and Reno and finally cruise ships. The many close-up, platform and stage effects that were honed to perfection in these demanding venues have been collected together in Martin's Miracles. Succeeding in all of these areas requires an extraordinary amount of commercial material. His jumbo monte routine (Sidewalk Shuffle, Page 95) is another modern classic.

Written and illustrated by Martin's Masters-Fellowship-winning father Eric Lewis and with a curious introduction by Harry Anderson.

"I loved everything about the book and you will too if you like commercial, offbeat 'A' material." Rick Johnsson - Linking Ring magazine.

"A great book. Martin's Miracles deserves the highest recommendation." Michael Weber.

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