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The author has picked twenty-two mental experiments from the pages of the Mindful Mentalism series which originally appeared between 1998 and 2003. None of these routines use playing cards. Books, crystals, calculators, billets, rune stones, ESP cards, and watches all come into play. Want to gift your psychic powers momentarily to a spectator? You'll see how it can be done here. Want your partner to assist in a couple of demonstrations without too much effort on his or her part? You'll find a couple of suitable routines here. In fact, if you never come across the Mindful Mentalism trilogy, you'll find plenty to get your mind working here.

There are contributions from Paul himself of course, but you'll also find material from Roger Ferriby, Sean Carpenter, Jon Tremaine, Maurice Roberts, Rudy, Hunter, David Ray, Tony Binarelli, Jon Cuthbert, Alexander Thomas, Al Smith, Arthur Sterrington, Terry Liveredge, Peter Duffie, Ron and Nancy Spencer, and Bob Moore

Paul Hallas is originally from Yorkshire, U. K. He has had an interest in magic and mentalism from an early age inspired by the writings of Ted Annemann and TV magician David Nixon. He started performing shows in hisearly teens though on leaving school did a brief stint in the R A F. He also workd in security and as a financial adviser before becoming a full time entertainer.

His first book in magic appeared in 1979 and that was the same year he started lecturing to magic clubs throughout the U. K. to share his ideas. He has written a number of books since and is also featured instructional DVD's. He currently resides in Florida with his wife, Sharon.

" 'Psychic Coincidence' is one of my favorite effects. It is baffling and the best part of it is that you give away business card information at the end."-Paul Mellan

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Mindful Mentalism by Paul Hallas-Soft-bound
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