A magician has a spectator select one card and memorize it. Now the wonderworker introduces transparent plastic cards that a single number printed on each card. The magi states that he will find out the selected card by using those numbered cards. 

Now our conjurer retrieves 3 cards, number 3, 4, and 5. He says the selected card should match with one of three...  The answer is..... "NO".. 

In fact, it was totally impossible from the very beginning… The selected card is “Queen of Clubs”.

It appears that the magician’s attempt has ends up in failure….However, the magician STILL says that these three cards are the chosen card--- By adding the three numbers (3, 4, and 5), the total is 12, which equals Queen….. But it wasn’t a BIG surprise. Now the three cards are placed inside the box and shaken.. The numbers transform into “Q"(ueen). Next, the remaining cards are also placed and shaken…. The numbers transforms into “? “.

Price: $35.00
Ton Onosaka's Miracle Number