What a topical effect this is! It involves a magical printing app on your cell phone or iphone. A magician displays this mobile printing app and four blank-faced cards. Using the printing app, these cards go through a sereies of amazing changes. First, after the cards are all shown to be blank-faced, a blue backed card appears. The "dried ink" from that card produces another blue backer! Next, all the cards have blue backs and one is a misprint and this card is removed. Now a blank face appears amongst the blue backers. The printer corrected the error. Finally, all the cards are turned over and they all have faces and backs! Multiple climaxes are rampant in this effect, with that final kicker! The printing app is used throughout the routine for these magical changes

You receive information to download this "app" on your phone, plus you get bicycle cards with the necessary gimmicks. The routine is easy to do using basically one sleight throughout and is an instant reset-just right for walk-around!

Price: $25.00

Mobile Printer by Joker Magic