This is a multi-phased routine. The best part is the predictions change every time.

Routine #1.
Six small skulls having six different colors on their bottoms are tied to a shoelace. They are held over a small place mat. A mentalist places a scarf over the group of skulls. A person holds the lose ends of the lace. He or she choses a color skull ( this is not by elimnation). Another person lifts off the scarf and five skulls remain on the shoelace while the chosen skull is now off the lace!

Routine #2. The mentalist then removes the five remaining skulls from the shoelace. All six skulls are mixed up and placed face-down on the mat. No one knows which is which because the skulls all look the same when placed upwards. Another person choses a skull. He or she places the skull out of sight, so nobody knows, not even the participant, knows which skull was chosen. That person or another person choses a color and mysteriously the color matches the color of the hidden skull.

Routine #3. A larger skull, about two inches in size, having a piece of paper protruding form its mouth is introduced. Another participant places the large skull in front one of the smaller skulls. The chosen skull matches the prediction, when revealed.

Routine #4.
A person choses a color. The mentalist deals six cards face down on the table. Each card has a different colored sticker on its back. The person picks up the color matching the chosen color. Now the remaining skulls are removed from the mat. Inside the mat is a card matching the card with the chosen color sticker!

Ron provides a tremendous presentation and this is a perfect Halloween effect, although it is suitable for any occasion. It is easy to do and can be performed in a walk-around situation, with some reset required.

You will also receive Ron's amazing Colorful Choice effect ( worth its weight in gold to be cliche), which you will definitely use for many other effects invovlving a spectator choosing a color! It is an amazing, foolproof utility device.

Price: $40.00

Mystic Skulls by Ron Frost