This   Christopher Borer effect involves two books. One has the title "Everything Women know about Men", the other "Everything Men know about Women". When showing the first book, it is obvious that the ladies know everything about the men's lives. But when the other book is shown, all pages are blank, only the page numbers are there. Seemingly not that much knowledge around about women.
A spectator is asked to select and read (briefly) a page in the first book. He (or she) should also remember the page number that he selected. He closes the book, but keeps it in his hand! After a short journey into his fantasy, the page inside his book vanishes - the spectator can check it for himself - his selected page is now blank. In the other, formerly blank book, the vanished print appears on the exact page that the   -spectator selected.
This easy to perform routine gives you an interesting plot, but also a great souvenir for the spectator if you want to hand out the book at the end.-    

Price: $59.50

Paradigm by Christoph Borer