Imagine displaying four kings and having a spectator freely name one of them. Next, the chosen king is placed face-up in the packet of face-down kings. When the cards are shown again, the chosen king magically turns face-down! Then, the chosen king turns face-up once more. Next, the performer drops the four kings into a card box and four loose paper clips are, one by one, placed in the card box, too. The box is then handed to the spectator who chose the king and this audience member opens the box and removes the four knigs. There is now one clip attached only to the selected king! The other clips are poured out and linked to each other-Frostian multi-climaxes galore and everything can now be examined! If Ron's amazing Colorful Choice is used in conjunction with this effect, then a paperclip of a chosen colored clip, among four different colored clips, is attached to the selected king, adding another layer of impossibility!

This effect is called Royal Clipping and is the first effect in this fantastic book. It is one of twelve different effects. There are effects with coins, plastic rings, bottles, a flashlight, and poker chips. There is even an effect with Krazy Glue! This publication was released in 1983 and every effect can be made or just performed as is.

Price: $12.50

To the Point by Ron Frost