Six poker chips, each having a differeent color center on one side and a plain white center on the other side, are mixed up assorted color side down. Each time a person freely choses a chip, the mentalist is able to read this person's mind announcing correctly that chosen chip, without ever seeing the chip!

A person is given a small chart showing several different colored cirles containing geometric figures, assorted numbers, and different words in each. The mentalist turns his or her back to the spectator; this person then freely selects two chips and mentalist determines accurately the chosen symbols or words each time!

Finally, a spectator mixes up some cards. Then, he or she freely chooses two chips and adds up the numbers corresponding to the chosen chips' colors from the previously mentioned small chart. Let's say, "SEVEN" is the sum of the two chosen numbers. There are of course many combinations possible. The assistant counts down seven in the pile of cards he mixed before and it is the card matching a prediction made by the mentalist! This can be done with any deck of cards. There are different results every time and these chips can be used with Ron Frost's wonderful "Colorful Choice." Ron says that this is one of his favorite releases. He also said you will enjoy it and he is right, you will!

Price: $18.00

Psychip Premonitions