A person freely chooses (not forced) two different numbered poker chips and adds them together..

He does not tell anyone the total. Next, in his or her mind the total is doubled or tripled. Then the person deals that number of cards off the deck. This can be from any type of regular deck, such as ESP, Flash Cards or playing cards. He looks at the card that he stops at. After which the person opens an envelope, visible from the start of the effect, that contains a miniature card with a number on its back which is the exact reverse of the total arrivred at by the spectator-first surprise! Next the spectator's card is turned over and the miniature card, when shown matches the spectator's card!

This is a utilitiy device that can be used for many types of effects. There could be small pictures of animals on the chips and numbers on the other side. You are limited by your imagination in the performance of this effect!

Actually, in an extended verson, up to four different cards can be predicted during a performance. All the cards would come from different parts of the deck as the person changes his total by adding or subtracting numbers to form different totals or the person could end up with four of a kind, or even a roayal flush! All can be examined; you can count on that.

Price: $18.00

PsyCount Predictor by Ron Frost