"My inspiration for Rabbit Roulette came from the pictures on Tamariz Rabbit Cards by Ken Brooke. I've changed and modified the pictures,added two new cards, simplified the handling and written a new story. I think you are going to like it."


This is a story done with cards about a magician, four top hats, and one tricky rabbit. The magician uses carrots to

find th rabbit but the carrots keep getting eaten. Baby rabbits appear and the rabbit is even seen entering one of

the top hats.  Finally the magician gives up and goes back to doing CARD TRICKS.

EASY TO DO! and very entertaining. colorful full printed cards are included along with patter and illustrated instructions and TCC Leather Packet wallet 2.0. Rabbit Roulette is an instant reset and is perfect for the strolling magician. It goes over well with children and adults!

Vibrant colors printed on Casino Quality M31 Linen Stock

Price: $15.00

Steve Dusheck's Rabbit Roulette by Airship Magic