Ron Frost's The Sphinx Thinx

Two small plastic panels are hinged together and one panel has miniature replica icons of The Statue of Liberty, The Eifel Tower, Big Ben, and Easter Island. The other panel has a miniature plastic Sphunx in the middle surrounded by the name of each icon. The stand is folded so the Sphinx is out of sight. Time and again, a person freely chooses an icon and each time the Sphinx has turned its front to point to the matching name of the chosen icon-no forcing!

Now, a written prediction is placed inside and the unit is closed. A spectator makes his selection of an icon. Next the unit is opened to reveal the
correct written prediction! Not only that, but magically, the sphinx has turned itself to point at the chosen icon. This outfit comes in a durable plastic container and there are different results all the time! This is a good walk-around effect, which is also very professionally produced!

Price: $30.00