Magic with Everyday Objects -
another book by George Schindler

How George Schindler developed an interest in magic


Presto Magic For The Beginner

The introduction contains sections on magic history, magical categories, and misdirection. Effects, which come next, are separated into different types of magic. The table of contents has, for example, making things disappear, making things appear, something from nothing and so on. One effect, called "Phantom Photo," is a piece of magic where a selected card appears magically in a wooden picture frame. Nothing extra is used! Invest in an inexpensive frame and you can do it! The last couple chapters deal with props and entertaining, probably the most important parts of this work. To say that George Shindler, a consumate professional who has worked with Sherry Lewis, and knows how to entertain with magic, would be putting it mildly! The book is very easy to read and extremely reasonably priced.


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