This is one of Ron's older works of magic that has been recently resurrected. You will discover a variety of effects in this gem. There are effects with rings, ropes, safety pins, coins, cards, straws, and even cereal boxes! Some effects deal with comedy, kid stuff, sleight of hand, and mentalism. Every routine includes the basic patter that Ron uses and of course you taylor it to your own style. There are thirteen tricks fully explained therein. There are only a few in stock; so get them while they last!

One piece of magic contained within these pages, called "Roped In," is worth the price of entry. It is an effect that Ron used to market. Three different ring type bracelets are tied to a rope. The mentalist asks a voulunteer to think of one color ( free choice) while the mentalist does the same. Our wonderworker magically pulls off one of the three rings from the rope, first surprise! Left on the rope are the two rings thought of by the performer and volunteer, second surprise. Also, this can be repeated with any combination of colors! Finally, it can be performed for children or adults and is very easy to do.

You also get a free prop for one of the effects callled "Half Time."

Price:: $12.00

Tricky Stuff by Ron Frost