Several hotel-room type key idententification holders are displayed. Each holder has a room number on one side and a name of a room on the other. A magical detective shows several envelopes with a completely different number on the outside of each envelope. Inside each envelope is a card with a room name matching the rooms on the key holders.

The envelopes are mixed number-side down and held by a spectator. A second spectator calls out one of the room numbers, for example, 12. The first spectator counts twelve envelopes from the top to the bottom of the stack.

Here is the first part of the mystery. The room numbers on the remaining key holders are added up and when the spectator turns over the envelope counted to, the number on the back matches the total of the remaining key holders! Then the freely chosen keyholder is turned over to see what room name is on it. The person, with the envelopes, checks the card inside and it matches the room on the chosen key holder! This can be repeated time and again with different results. There is absolutely no forcing; it is an instant reset and everything can be minutely examined. Believe it or not, the patter is what makes this such a tremendous effect, but the mentalism that occurs is nonplussing!

This effect is called Hotelekenesis and is one effect among twelve dealing with words and numbers, in Ron's book. This one effect is worth more than the cost of the book. Another of the effects (Mndful Letters) in this book, Ron used to market for $10.00. You can make it up for less than half the cost. Ron gives his full routines with suggested patter and his igenious thinking! The book has been out of print for some time now. Get one while they last!

Price: $12.00

Effective Word and Number Routines by Ron Frost