Zycho - Comedy Mentalism at its Funniest!

The audience is in on all the fun. You show them the face of your Giant Prediction card (10'x14") unseen by your spectator, which is then set on a stand (a chair, or anywhere} in full view, but with its back toward the audience. Next, you show them the faces of an extra large (3" x 4") one way forcing deck (every card is the same as the prediction). With a wink to the audience, The "victim" who has not seen the faces of the deck is asked to choose any card. NOW FOR THE FUN PART - The spectator double crosses you! He or she names the WRONG CARD. Impossible? The prediction is turned around and it has changed to the selection. Everyone is confused- the audience has been double crossed! The laughs are built in. Concentrate on the presentation as there are no sleights. It is all self working! This outfit comes with everything you need, the Giant Prediction card, the special "Parlour" Force deck, display stand. plus instructions and patter by George Schindler.

Price: $125.00